Valeo 2021 U.S. Healthcare Law Firm Hourly Rate Report


The Valeo 2021 Healthcare Law Firm Hourly Rate ReportTM is the most comprehensive and most detailed competitive intelligence and legal pricing tool available because the Report details average hourly rates by individual law firms as opposed to aggregate groupings of law firms with disparate pricing structures as is found in surveys, peer services and e-billing



The Report analyzes and presents hourly rates for 2016 – 2021 by Firm, Position (Senior Partner, Partner, Counsel, Senior Associate, Associate and Support Staff) and all key Practice Areas in healthcare. Additionally, the Report lists the buying clients (mainly large corporations). Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States accounting for as much as 18% of the US GDP and estimated to increase to 19% in 2021. The size, growth and complexity of healthcare provides significant legal opportunities to law firms. This Report details the prices of the most pertinent practice areas in healthcare.


Price Until 1-January-2021: $4,995

Price on and after 1-January-2021: $5,995


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Price: $4,995.00