Valeo 2021 Arbitration and Mediation Law Firm Hourly Rate Report


The Valeo 2021 Arbitration and Mediation Hourly Law Firm Rate Report details the hourly rates of all major law firms with Arbitration and Mediation practices.  Sections of the Report are:

  • Section 1: Rates by Law Firm Revenue Rankings
  • Section 2: Rates by Individual Law Firms

Arbitration and Mediation practices at major law firms have grown steadily in terms of number of cases and in criticality; many states now require arbitration prior to litigation and sometimes in lieu of.  The rate data is drawn from court records and attorney details.  No data is available from any private arbitration or mediation entity such as JAMS or AAA.

Price through 12/31/20:  $4,495

Price on 1/1/21 and after: $4,995


Price: $2,495.00