Valeo Database

The Valeo Online Pricing and Planning Solutions Database details the hourly rates of individual Attorneys at over 1,600 Law Firms (AMLAW 200 + Others including large regionals, middle-market and small market, boutiques and many non-US Firms) worldwide, i.e., sellers of legal services and the rates of Outside Counsel of over 12,000 companies, i.e., buyers of legal services.  The Database is used by both private Law Firms and Corporate Counsel worldwide to effectively price the legal services offered or received.  In addition to hourly rates, the Database identifies the practice area(s), city, experience (graduation year and licensure year) and client relationships of each Attorney.  Additionally, pricing data can be viewed by law firm, firm revenue groupings, city, country, practice, matter type, position, client or client Industry.  The Database is updated daily and provides detailed as well as Summary Reports that are meeting-ready. All Searches can be downloaded into excel for further analysis.

Contact Chuck Chandler at for access options and pricing.