Valeo Database

The Valeo Attorney Hourly Rates Database identifies hourly rates and Alternative Fee Arrangements of Attorneys and Support Staff at over 1,200 Firms (large, middle-market, small and boutique firms) in 80 Practice Areas (Litigation, Transactional and Specialty Areas) and in over 300 cities worldwide.  Valeo lists Actual rates - the rate an Attorney actually billed a client or mediated in court - not surveyed, self-reported or estimated information. Valeo lists hourly rates and fees by individual Attorney, Firm, Practice Area and City of Practice, Experience, Client and Client's Industry.  For more information and a brief overview, please contact Chuck Chandler at

Law Firms use the Valeo Attorney Hourly Rates and Fees Database in the Annual Rate Adjustment Process, Fee Applications and Disputes in US State and Federal Court, New Business Opportunities, Client Pricing Discussions, Hiring Laterals and Buying Firms.

Corporate Counsel use the Database to negotiate Outside Counsel Annual or Multi-Year engagements, Verify Actual Market Prices, Find new Outside Counsel and Hire Private Attorneys into In-House Counsel.