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Due to its expertise in Attorney Hourly Rate and Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA) or Alternative Billing Arrangements Pricing for individual Attorneys at over 1,200 Law Firms including the Top 200 by Annual Revenue Size, Magic Circle and other large regional, middle-market, small and boutique Firms, Valeo has been used as a primary source and cited for articles in the major law and business publications.  For a complete Media Kit, please contact

State of the Arizona Legal Market, an Interview with Chuck Chandler, Partner of Valeo Partners, by Christina Estes of NPR, January 2017

Industry's Elite Profit From Merger Mania, Feature Story, The Legal Issue, U.S. News & World Report, December 2014

"According to Chuck Chandler, Partner in Charge of Legal Consulting, Valeo Partners LLC, Deal-Maker hourly rates are the perennial leaders.  Top M&A Partners at the brand name Firms start at $1,200 an hour and go as high as $1,400.  Attorneys do get paid if the deal falls apart but they get paid more upon success, with added 'success fees'. "

Mega-M&A Deals Reward Elite Law Firms, Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Smith, July 15, 2014

 . . . Such deals can command large premiums for law firms, the article notes. Top M&A partners charge between $1,200 and $1,400 an hour, and the average hourly rate for a senior partner at a major law firm is $1,000, according to consulting firm Valeo Partners. Lawyers generally get paid even when a transaction falls apart, though such fees can be discounted.

GOING RATE: The Science - And Art - of Billing, Mary Helen Martin, The Daily Report, February 18, 2014

Chuck Chandler, partner and chairman of the legal consulting practice for Valeo Partners in Washington, D.C., helps clients determine optimal pricing structure for law firms and corporate counsels. According to Chandler, there are several key components in determining hourly rates. Firms must look at costs, profitability measures and projections, and needs, and then put that price formula out in the market.

"That's when the magic of the market happens and that's when the negotiation begins," says Chandler. "The formula itself is pretty much the same. The dynamic is actually what happens in the marketplace after that in terms of what rate they can get."

Firms and legal counsel should take into account the total process. "Not only do you look at the hourly rate of each person, but you look at the engagement," says Chandler. "How you are staffing the engagement."

Chandler says the idea of a standard hourly rate is a myth. "It's a planning number," he says. "It's not a real number." He cites from his data an example of a partner with 10 different clients and 10 different hourly rates. The differences are because of negotiations and the flexibility of the rates.

Pricing Pros Gather in Chicago for Inaugural Conference (LMA P3), Law360, Lance Duroni, October 2, 2013

 . . . Valeo Partners, whose new Exogis service converts hourly rate billings to alternative fee arrangements by combining a firm’s internal billing data with the company’s vast database of fee data from competitors, and then factors in the firm’s business strategy to produce a handful of AFA options.

Chuck Chandler, a partner at Valeo, pointed out that in 2008 only around one in 10 Fortune 1000 companies were looking at AFAs, but the number had increased to nine out of 10 by this year. Likewise, three-quarters of the top 100 U.S. law firms now have AFA analysts, up from one-fifth in 2008.

He said Valeo culls its trove of market data entirely from the public record, offering an advantage over survey data because it attaches the numbers to specific firms and even attorneys. Exogis allows subscribers to match up their bids on an engagement against what could be expected from competing firms, he said.

Wall Street Journal,, The New York Law Journal, The California Daily Journal and Others

  • "On Sale: The $1,150-Per Hour Lawyer", April 10, 2013, The Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Smith.  Information from the Valeo Q1 Rate Report was used to place the hourly rate floor at $1,150 for top-tier Partners and highlight the new going rate of $500 / hour on average for Junior Associates at the top 50 Firms.  Additionally, the Valeo Rate Q1 Report pinpointed hourly rate increases by individual Attorneys; rates at all Positions for the top 50 Firms were up 5+% for Partners and Counsel and 10% for Associates.  Please visit our Store to purchase the Report.
  • "Keeping Mum About the 'B Word' - Almost a Third of Companies that Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Didn't Disclose Plans in Advance", November 7, 2012, Mike Spector, The Wall Street Journal.  Valeo hourly rate data and court case file dates anchored this important discovery.
  • "Associate Billing Rates Jumped 7.5%", August 10, 2012, Kevin Lee, The California Daily Journal.  Article cited Valeo's 2012 Halftime Report.
  • "Study Shows Firms are Boosting Associate Bill Rates", July 19, 2012, Christine Simmons, The New York Law Journal. Article cited Valeo's 2012 Halftime Report.
  • "Survey Shows Billable Rates for Associates Up 7.5% More Than Twice as Much as for Partners", July 19, 2012, Martha Nell,  Article cited Valeo's 2012 Halftime Report.
  • "Associate Billing Rates Increased by Law Firms", July 16, 2012, JD Journal.  Article cited Valeo's 2012 Halftime Report.
  • "Dewey Jobs Endangered", May 1, 2012, Ashby Jones, Jennifer Smith, Steve Eder, the Wall Street Journal.  "Mounting turmoil at New York law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP threatens to send hundreds of lawyers and other staffers into one of the worst legal-job markets in decades. . . Mr. Bienenstock bills more than $1,000 an hour, according to rate data compiled from public documents by Valeo Partners, a Washington consulting firm."
  • "Firms Offered Discounted Rates to Land Stadium Lease Deal for the Buffalo Bills", May 1, 2012, Christine Simmons, The New York Law Journal.
  • "The Law Profession's One Percent", April 16, 2012, April 16, 2012, Jennifer Smith, The Wall Street Journal.  Valeo was cited for its hourly billing rates by Individual Attorneys.  "For those of you keeping track of the legal profession’s equivalent of the one percent: the most expensive lawyers in the U.S. are getting even more costly, while their less-fortunate brethren at the bottom 25% of billers struggle to keep pace with inflation".
  • "Biggest Lawyers Grab Fee Bounty", April 16, 2012, Jennifer Smith, the Wall Street Journal.  "The priciest lawyers in the U.S. are getting even more expensive, but those at the opposite end are getting left behind. . . Practices commanding such hefty prices include high-end bankruptcy, tax and corporate work, according to Valeo Partners, a consulting firm that maintains a database of legal rates pulled from court filings and other public information".
  • "The $1,800 an Hour Ted Olson Edition", June 6, 2012, Jennifer Smith, the Wall Street Journal.  Highlighting the fact that legal expertise still commands a high premium, Valeo was cited in listing Ted Olson's hourly rate at $1,800 an hour in the LightSquared Bankruptcy.   Ted Olson is the former Solicitor General of the United States a Partner in the Washington, DC office of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP.
  • "The CEO Bankruptcy Bonus - Firms Sidestep Rule limiting Rewards for Executives", January 27, 2012, Mike Spector, the Wall Street Journal. "Of the 21 Chief Executives, seven had either been hired during a bankruptcy case or been with a company less than a year before its Chapter 11 filing.  Some of the 21 CEOs, including Lear's, received bigger bonuses during bankruptcy protection than in previous years.  The analysis, peformed with Valeo Partners, a Washington, DC-based Consulting Firm, covers the period from 2007 to June 27, 2012, and examined companies with publicly traded stocks or bonds"
  • "Lawyers Settle . . . For Temp Jobs - as clients seek to cut costs, the field of 'contract' Attorneys expands", June 15, 2011, Vanessa O'Connell, the Wall Street Journal.  "Large firms are billing $325 to $550 for an hour's work this year by freshman associates, while smaller firms bill them as low as $100, according to research firm Valeo Partners. Temp staffing agencies, in contrast, might bill around $50 an hour or less for document review work by contract attorneys".
  • "Big Law's $1,000-Plus an Hour Club", February 23, 2011, Vanessa O'Connell, the Wall Street Journal.  Valeo's Attorney Hourly Rates and AFA Database was used as the primary source in identifying premier Partners, at the largest Firms globally, with the highest hourly billing rates and their clients.  "Industrywide, Attorneys in finance-related practices such as M&A, Finance and Tax, tend to command a premium to their peers in other specialties".