Fee Expert Witness

Valeo has served as Expert Witnesses in Fee Disputes in more than 1,000 US State and Federal Court Cases including the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court.  Our approach is objective, credible and data-driven.  We take a three-step process in evaluating Fee Motions and Applications:

  1. Identify Case Precedents (Same or Similar Matter Types, Same or Similar Jurisdictions and Motion Status - Approved / Granted / Ordered or Denied).
  2. Develop Comparable Attorney Hourly Rate and Fees Data Set (By Attorney, Firm, Practice Area, Experience, Matters, Clients and Geography) using the Valeo Attorney Hourly Rates and AFA Database.
  3. Summarize and Communicate all Relevant Findings in media that is easily understandable by Judge and Jury.

For more information, please contact Chuck Chandler at cchandler@valeopartners.com, 202.744.1980.